How to identify and get rid of Bed-bugs

Bed bugs are considered as frightening and irritating household pests. These sneaky creatures are hard to find, and might bring health risks for you and your family. Bed-bugs feed on the blood of other organisms, particularly humans. Their only nutrition to grow is human blood. They extract blood by biting and can do that for 10 minutes without being noticed, resulting in rashes or bumps. Bedbugs are uninvited guests and get in through luggage, clothing, used beds and couches, and other items. Their flat and flexible bodies make it possible for them to fit into tiny spaces, about the width of a credit card.


It is not necessary to locate a specimen to identify a bed-bug at home. Their feces leave brown to black stains on mattresses and linens. They are mostly transported within luggage, so one needs to keep a check on their luggage. Even one female bed-bug in a cozy atmosphere is enough to produce 200-500 eggs in her lifetime, leading to a higher risk of infestations.

To clean up the infested areas and control bedbugs, usually requires chemical treatments. Because treating your bedroom with insecticides can be harmful, it is important to use products that can be used safely in bedrooms. Do not use insecticides on mattresses and bedding unless the label specifically says you can use them on bedding.

It is recommended and most effective to hire an experienced pest control professional for bedbug extermination.

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