Pest Control in Pharmaceutical

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Pests can cause large economic losses in the pharmaceutical industry through contamination of raw materials, store rooms, laboratories, production areas, packaging and finished products. Regulations require cleaning operations to include laboratory tests to validate sanitation and hygiene and absence of residue from previous production ingredients and cleaning products.

IPC expertises in removal of all these pests that will have an harmful effect on the pharmaceutical industry. It’s primary focus to provide an eco-friendly environment helps in the overall management of pests.

Effective Pest Management in
Pharmaceutical plants



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Protecting pharmaceuticals from pests

Pest management is a critical component of sanitation & hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry. Pest issues are a critical threat to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Producing safe, unadulterated & effective products is the top priority of pharmaceutical companies.

A single pest in production, research, or ingredient storage can contaminate expensive product batches, ruin years of research, and cause millions in losses. In addition, improper treatment of pets can have an adverse impact on public health. In short, pets are an unacceptable risk in the pharmaceutical industry.


Rats and mice are not just a nuisance but they also transmit diseases and cause property damage. They are one of the most challenging enemies of the man in the animal kingdom. To get rid of them. We adopt some measure like getting a pest control for rats to prevent from infestation and transmitting diseases.


Odorless gel-based treatment. We offer the most advanced gel treatment to control cockroaches at your place. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress-free as it relies on gel-bait that cockroaches feed on, you don't need to empty cabinets and drawers.


We provide non-residual fogs to the building surrounding. Such treatments have the advantage of control the growth of adult mosquitoes by using fogging machine to control adults resting on foliage and in shady areas around the buildings with long-lasting, residual insecticides.