Pest Control in Business

Keeping nasty pests away from people is one of the most important parts of pest control

Why IPC ?

We’re dedicated to providing fast, Safer and quality pest control 

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We are here to get rid of pests in as few visits as possible. But we take responsibility until the job is done right, & 100% satisfaction guaranteed in every visit.

Health & Safety

We ensure the use of masks and other personal protective equipment by our technicians in addition to proper social distancing and providing a contactless payment option whenever we can.

24-Hour Guaranteed Response Time

Within select service areas, our team will respond to your call within 24 hours. Our mission? Providing timely pest control service to all.

Best Pest Control Service In Bangalore

Urban pests

The main goal of commercial services is to keep the pests out as it is difficult for them to run Business due to the sickness of employees which may result in lack of productivity at work. Some pest problems may lead to the shutdown of Business temporarily until the pests are managed. Because we have more experience working with custom environments, we offer long term preventive measures. Our professional commercial pest control service include:

  • Inspection of your facilities interior and exterior.
  • Identification of current or potential pest threats.
  • Treatment of effective areas and methods to control pests.
  • Long term preventive measures.
  • Continuous evaluation of treatment effectiveness and necessary modifications.


Rats and mice are not just a nuisance but they also transmit diseases and cause property damage. They are one of the most challenging enemies of the man in the animal kingdom. To get rid of them. We adopt some measure like getting a pest control for rats to prevent from infestation & transmitting diseases.


We provide non-residual fogs to the building surrounding. Such treatments have the advantage of control the growth of adult mosquitoes by using fogging machine to control adults resting on foliage and in shady areas around the buildings with long-lasting, residual insecticides.


Odorless gel-based treatment. We offer the most advanced gel treatment to control cockroaches at your place. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress-free as it relies on gel-bait that cockroaches feed on, you don't need to empty cabinets and drawers.


Our professionals have the experience to correctly identify your ants and kill them. Ants pest control and ants prevention specialists who provide year-long protection from ant infestations for homes and businesses.


Although some insects like spiders seen beneficial to our environment, most others aren’t. They especially aren’t beneficial to our homes in any way. The treatment is carried out by spraying insecticide in every crack and crevice of the premises to reach all the hidden parts so as to kill all the existing insects.


The treatment is done by spraying the insecticide, especially in the seams of the mattress and other places infested by bed bugs. The bed bugs die on contact with the insecticide. The treatment may have to be repeated within a fortnight to ensure.


To stop and prevent the movement of termites from the ground, holes and drilled from inside your premises at the junction of the wall and the floor or just above the skirting(depending upon the flooring). The holes are drilled along the side of the entire.


Spiders belong to arachnids which is a group of animals in which mites, scorpions, and ticks are also included. Spiders are often mistaken as insects which have six legs and three main body parts. But spiders have two body parts and it is the head and thorax which is called the cephalothorax & an abdomen respectively.


Birds play various beneficial roles in our life like feather production, controlling insect pest populations and controlling weeds. Birds also eat fruits and vegetables from our home.