There are different kinds of pests which are annoying and harmul to the enivronment and humans. Pests can cause damage to the buildings, food poisoning ang disrupts the peace in the homes. So it is important to take necessary action in safeguarding your faimy againsts these pests by controlling them.

The unique integrated approach of IPC makes their service effective, efficient and eco-friendly. It’s main focus is on safeguarding humans against dangerous pests and giving effective solutions to all their problems. We will help you in keeping your home hygienic and safeguarding your family.

Pests can cause serious financial loss, employee sickness and sometimes shutdown of the Business temporarily if you fail to manage the pests and educate your staffs on the harmful affects of pests. 

IPC takes different measures and provide services that will hep you in protecting your staffs and improving the  productivity which in turn enables the growth of your business.

IPC offers effective Disinfectant and Sanitization service where in the products used are eco-friendly and safe to the humans. What makes these services more effective is how we incorporate multiple methods of product application as part of our disinfectant and sanitation regimen.

  • Touch point Sanitization 
  • Aerial Disinfectant
  • Serial Disinfectant